Machine Learning and AI is the Future.

Fcode Labs believes that it is important to bring the research component to software development since that will enable us to produce greater solutions to problems faced by humankind.

Non-invasive Cuff-less Blood pressure estimation/ Cardio-vascular disease prediction from a light signal (PPG)

5.1mmHG Accuracy for Blood Pressure estimation.

Research Publications.
Identifying the Optimum Region of the Human Sole to Extract the PPG Signal for Pulse Rate Estimation, ICSPS 2017, Nov 2017, Auckland, New Zealand

  • Disrupt Asia Startup Battle 2017 - Champions.
  • Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 (Sri Lanka) - 2nd Runners Up
  • Commonwealth Digital Health Awards (Non-Communicable Diseases category) - Winners.

Identifying upper arm injuries due to throwing

Unsupervised clustering algorithms to features extracted on Electromyography and player statistics.

Research Publications.
A Low-Cost Wearable System to Analyze the Human Arm for Predicting Injuries Due to Throwing, 41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC’19), Berlin, Germany

Level Set Image Segmentation using Python

Python implements a new level set formulation, called distance regularized level set evolution (DRLSE), proposed by Chunming Li et al's in the paper "Distance Regularized Level Set Evolution and its Application to Image Segmentation", IEEE Trans. Image Processing, vol. 19 (12), 2010

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Image Enhancing Software to test image pre-processing functions

Image enhancement application based on 'OpenCV' and 'PyQt4'. You can use this as a small image enhancement software for day-to-day work and can be used to do pre-processing for images before feeding into a Neural Network.

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Image Morphing application using Python

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Integer Sequence Learning

Tensor-flow code for the Integer Sequence Learning problem that is described in Kaggle.

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Classification of MNIST digits by Inception CNN modules.

Tensor-flow based classification of MNIST digits by convolutional neural networks (CNN) with Dropout and Inception layers.

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AI to play Google Chrome T-Rex game in python

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Yolo wrapper for python

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