Case Study

Mobile-first digital transformation for an apparel giant

June 26, 2023
8 min read


MAS Holdings PVT LTD.

  • The Largest Apperal Manufacturing company in Sri Lanka
  • No of Staff: 99,000+
  • Annual Turnover: $2 Billion+


The project aims to modernize and streamline the operations of Sri Lanka's largest apparel company through the digitization and automation of all its processes. By eliminating manual processes, the system enables the company to better manage and integrate workflows, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness.

The system includes various features, including real-time process management, which allows the company to monitor and manage its operations in real-time. Smart staffing enables the company to optimize its workforce by automating scheduling and event management. Email and communication management is integrated into the system, allowing for streamlined communication within the company.

Push notifications keep the workforce informed of important updates, while reporting and data analytics provide insights into the company's performance. The system's end-to-end automation provides a seamless experience for users, eliminating manual errors and reducing processing times. Overall, the system aims to enhance the company's competitiveness in the apparel industry by providing a modern and efficient way of managing operations.


  • Realtime Process Management
  • Smart Staffing
  • Scheduling and Event Management
  • Email and communication management
  • Push Notifications.
  • Reporting and Data Analytics.

Tech Stack

Flutter,ReactJS, MaterialUI,Serverless, ExpressJS, Firebase,GCP

Our Engagement

An 8-month outsourced project was completely handled by Fcode Labs.


This allowed for a time-saving of 20% from the overall fit process.

Mobile app user interface
Desktop app signin interface
MAS Holdings Logo

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