The best way to
Predict the Future is to
Create it.

We are your Boutique Software Engineering Company proudly based in Colombo

We use HTML, Javascript, Node.JS, Python, Tensorflow, Keras, OpenCV, Darknet, Torch, PyTorch, Caffe, Theano, CNTK, NLTK, C/C++, React, Swift, Java, Android, vue, Symfony, Laravel, Cordova, Angular, SQL, Firebase, Kotlin, Flutter, React-native, Azure, AWS, Docker, Bash to combine Art with Mathematics.

Human needs, wants and feelings get updated everyday. So does the technology. We, empowered with the Smartest Pool of young blood in the island, can work with you to bring out the next masterpiece which serves the human kind.

Web & Mobile App

We live in a world where every company process is automated, every product has an App. If you want to get a High quality iOS / Android App or Web App, we are happy to help you.

Custom Enterprise Software
& Automation

Your company may need custom software solution to manage the inventory, manage the Sales, manage the workforce and finance. Just let us know!

Machine Learning &
Artificial intelligence

Get a touch of artificial intelligence to your company, your sales data, and user data. You will be suprised to see the results and the innovations you can generate to boost your KPIs.

We are a team of great achievers.,engineers., designers., problem solvers., programmers., mathematicians., developers., researchers., entrepreneurs.

The founding team consists of graduates & great achievers from Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa and former Software Engineers from WSO2, Zone 24x7 & oDoc, who are actively engaged in developing high quality software products to meet industry standards.

Individuals from the team have won many awards such as Disrupt Asia Startup Battle Champions, Commonwelath Digital Health Awards, All-island best innovator awards & Microsoft Imagine cup National Awards, proving the passion towards innovations

We believe that the small nation, Sri Lanka is capable of innovating great products within the island to reach the global seas with the help of in-house young talent. We, with the vision to become the Icon of Premium Quality Software, gather the smartest brains in the island to bring up the best products to make your dreams come true.

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Machine Learning & AI is the Future

We believe in Research. We try to bring the most advanced technologies to our clients in order to boost their KPIs. If you are developing a Mobile App, we highly recommend you to think about what you can do with the data from the beginning.

We can provide meaningful insights with the data you have generated using our experience in working on few interesting projects with regards to Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

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Product Quality

We know that we are not 100% perfect. Yet, we measure, learn & build to ensure the best quality.

Agile Methodology

We believe in test-driven development. We will develop quickly and make continuous integrations.

Long Term Relationship

At the end of the day, it's people we care. If you are ready, we can go a long journey together.

Recent Work

We work with both Sri Lankan and International clients from all over the world. These are some of the recent projects both ongoing and concluded successfully.

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Our Clients

We witness a humble happiness serving you.

Our product iStay just released.

iStay is your hotel’s mobile concierge app! It is the modern way of showcasing the hotel services while giving a better experience to the guest. Tap to Order.

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