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Social Motion – Building Sustainable and Healthy Community

August 11, 2023
5 min

Social Motion Inc. is a consultancy and app developer with a mission to build sustainable and healthy communities through active transportation and recreation.


Neil Saravanamuttoo


Social Motion Inc,



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Social Motion helps communities rethink and reimagine their contribution to civic issues, active transportation, and recreational infrastructure.

This novel approach connects physical activity with public engagement, integrate data sources from government and gives people a tangible incentive to lead more active lives.

What we achieved

With a business model predicated by human-centric technology, SocialMotion set out to find a partner who understood their vision from a technology and community point of view. Through their collaboration, Social Motion and Fcode Labs created Motion. Aptly named, this iOS and android app puts things into motion! With the capability of creating a secure, personalized, and motivating experience, users were quick to come on board. Motion was instrumental in

  • Providing social incentives for communities to be more active
  • Getting more community involvement in the debate around civic issues
  • Supporting investments in active transportation and recreation

Our Approach and Collaboration

The founding team from Ottawa, Canada reached Fcode Labs out with the vision to build an eco-system around the concept.

Fcode Labs were involved in brainstorming, feature prioritization, technical roadmap creation, software and cloud architecting, responsive web development, iOS/Android app engineering and post-deployment maintenance.

Discover - It was crucial to think from two perspectives when designing the app - the user contributing via steps and the customer, Social Motion, whose vision was a community-driven contribution. The Team at Fcode Labs started by researching the anatomy of fitness applications, hoping to understand how they fit into the daily life of users.

Build - The team developed a prototype to simulate the workings of the app. A focus group tested out the app and provided feedback that went into the working model. User experience, personalization of exercise goals, motivational features, and scoring were the key ingredients of the app.

Launch - With QA, and testing completed, the SocialMotion Platform, complete with the app and GIS solution, was ready for launch! Social Motion GIS uses open data sources from the government and other parties to create GIS-based maps to allow communities to pick the routes they felt needed the most attention. Several communities across Ontario use the socialmotion app to lead healthy lives and contribute to the causes they believe.

Features and Functionality

User Interface of the app

1.   Get a personalized Score with respect to the healthy lifestyle!  

Daily Units of Exercise (DUE) is curated for you, based on steps and activity data retrieved with approval from your existing Fitbit or any other fitness app data. The DUE acts as your cheerleader to give you all the motivation you need to meet your daily goal.

2.   Contribute to your most passionate cause for the betterment of public.

Whether it’s an ongoing project or one in the pipeline, users can pick any recreation activity to contribute. You can rally your community to form a team, encourage healthy competition, and achieve DUEs faster.

Contribute to projects

3.   Connect with the community regardless of funds.

The Social motion platform is open to anyone looking for a community to support a recreational activity. If you start funds, Social Motion lets you reward exercise from members with funding for specific initiatives. When the desired project collects enough DUEs, the funding takes place. Teams focused on building support for future priorities can use DUEs showcasing the community interest in the cause and champion a better case for funding!


“Fcode Labs is our go-to source for app, GIS and web development. They deliver high quality work and maintain an open communication with us at all times. They were quick to understand our need and deliver what we were looking for. Thanks to the positive experience with Social Motion, we have been consolidating all of our app, GIS and web development work with Fcode Labs, and will are moving to working exclusively with Fcode for all our IT projects.

- Neil Saravanamuttoo, Founder

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