Case Study

AI-first Mental Health management system

August 11, 2023
5 min

Maia is a platform for mental health practitioners to improve client engagement and treatment outcomes. Maia is developed for the Auckland Bioengineering Institute at University of Auckland, New Zealand. Further the product was incorporated as a company called Maia Limited.


Associate Professor Suranga Nanayakkara,

Principal Investigator, The Augmented Human Lab,

Auckland Bioengineering Institute

The University of Auckland,

New Zealand


Contact: +64 20 490 6990



Maia is an ambitious platform armed with the vision of transforming digital mental healthcare.

Several factors influence the success of mental health treatment. Practitioners are constantly searching for new ways to augment treatment to ensure clients make meaningful progress.

Maia gives practitioners an easy and efficient way to deliver homework activities and monitor client engagement between sessions. Real-time monitoring provides opportunities for practitioners to adapt and personalize their treatment plans.

Clients will be more engaged and connected during the therapy journey-the outcome, better client progress.

Features and Functionality

1.   Assign Activities to patients easily.

Don’t chase paper. Quickly and easily assign homework activities electronically, which therapists and clients can access anytime and anywhere.

2.   Pre-built and customizable Activity Library

Don’t spend hours creating individual activities; use the built-in evidence-based and customizable activities to help clients grow.

Activity Library

3.   Monitor Behavior In Real-Time and track the performance of the patients.

Fundamental changes the client needs to make are outside of the therapy room. Maia shows how clients progress over time as they complete activities and helps practitioners make data-driven decisions to improve outcomes.

Client's Progress

4.   Keep Clients Engaged

Designed to make it simple for clients to complete their activities without disrupting their lives. Empower clients to track their progress and notice even the most minor steps that they are taking to improve their well-being.

Activity management

Data Security & Privacy

We take data security very seriously; we do everything we can to ensure both your and your client’s data is secured and protected throughout.

Medical records contain very sensitive and private information, therefore any app which deals with medical data in New Zealand must adhere to standards set by The Health Information Standards Organization (HISO). Maia was developed in accordance with the HISO standards. The app provides secure, intelligent monitoring and care with less human intervention.

Our Approach and Collaboration

The team of Medical professionals, researchers and designers were involved from the University of Auckland Team. Our team directly worked with them for more than 8 months to complete the first go-live.

Discover - Keeping the clients engaged throughout their journey is the hardest part of digital mental healthcare. The team at Fcode labs went through extensive research on the subject to understand the

best ways to keep the clients engaged and improve the outcomes. Business Analysis team consisted of product lead and business analysists were participated from Fcode Labs.

Build -  A responsive web portal and companion iOS & Android apps were built for both the parties –Therapist and Client. The app makes the client aware of the progress made by giving rewards based on continuous engagement with the platform. The smart feedback given by the algorithms used in the app helps therapists understand and customize each client’s experience on the app. Experienced Software and cloud architect team and a panel of engineers were participated from Fcode Labs.  

Launch - With Sophisticated quality assurance consisted of both manual and automated testing, Maia was ready for the launch!


Bronze Award for Best User Experience, Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Design Awards. [Link]

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