Case Study

Exazyme GmbH & Fcode Labs: A Collaborative Success Story

February 21, 2024


Exazyme GmbH, an innovator in AI-based protein design from Germany, boasts a team of brilliant AI engineers and scientists.


They hit a roadblock: they lacked software architects and experienced developers to build large-scale systems. Fcode Labs stepped in as the chosen partner to create a strong SaaS platform.


Create a secure, user-friendly, GDPR-compliant platform.


True to its collaborative nature, Fcode Labs joined forces with Exazyme. They closely evaluated the challenge and formed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) solution. The focus was clear: prioritize essential features, enhance security, and create a standout user experience.

“Collaboration turned the ordinary into extraordinary” - Fcode Labs


During the project, Fcode Labs took on key responsibilities: ensuring GDPR compliance, setting up DevOps pipelines, and implementing quality assurance.

GDPR Compliance

Fcode Labs ensured strict adherence to GDPR regulations, vital for the platform's nature.

DevOps Pipelines

Efficient DevOps pipelines were established to enhance teamwork and development speed.

Quality Assurance

Strong quality assurance systems were put in place, guaranteeing a seamless and dependable SaaS platform.


The result of this intensive collaboration not only met Exazyme's expectations but exceeded them demonstrating the power of true partnership.

Outstanding SaaS Platform

The result was a highly praised SaaS platform, exceeding Exazyme's initial expectations in user experience.

Evolving Excellence

The solution extended far beyond the MVP stage, continually improving and adapting, highlighting the persistent commitment to excellence.

Funding Sucess

Exazyme raised an impressive 2 million Euro in seed funding, upholding the platform's value and potential.


“Partnerships aren’t built; they evolve” - Fcode Labs

Germany and the EU are hubs of AI innovation, and we’re here to empower your journey. Fcode Labs isn’t just a service; it is a strategic partnership, a bridge connecting your brilliance with our technical expertise.If you have an AI concept that is ready to take a flight, reach out to Fcode Labs today. Together, let’s create an exceptional future, where your AI ambitions become reality and success echoes across Germany and Europe