uQualio and Fcode Labs Hosted Physical Event in Copenhagen

July 3, 2024
3 mins
Nadeem Hassen

uQualio, the Video Learning platform, together with Fcode Labs hosted a physical event titled on “Setting up Remote Engineering Teams” on the 2nd of June 2024 in Copenhagen (at uQualio’s office).

The key speakers of the event for uQualio team featured Hatla Johnson, CEO of uQualio, and Christian Bjerre Nielsen, Chief Product Officer. Meanwhile, Fcode Labs featured Tharindu Malawaraarachchi and Buddhishan Manamperi, the Co-CEOs.

Hatla and Christian offered valuable insights and practical tips for founders and startups on how to effectively manage remote teams. They discussed the importance of code quality and provided actionable advice on building well-structured software. Christian stressed that “the availability and the flexibility are the two main reasons for not hiring people locally but doing it remotely”. He further explained that founders should seek team members with a "cathedral builder" mentality, who are invested in the product's overall success, rather than those with a mere "bricklayer" mindset.

Moreover, Tharindu provided valuable guidance on the key questions to ask potential remote partners for an effective collaboration. Buddhishan shed light on the importance of UX design throughout the software development process. He highlighted the value of conducting "dry runs" using tools like Figma or PowerPoint before implementing solutions – ensuring a user-friendly final product.

The recording for our "Setting up Remote Engineering Teams" event is now available online. Click here to watch it.