Fcode Labs’ journey in the Singapore Fintech Festival

February 10, 2023
5 min

Ever since our inception in 2018, we at Fcode Labs have always strived to achieve new heights with each of our provided services. We have done this by always remaining dynamic with the ever so fast pacing technological innovations of our times. This culture has allowed us to foster growth in our workplace by having an environment that is always keen on learning and applying skills to the benefit of our clients’ businesses. This immersion of continuous research and development by our employees with their already renowned expertise has resulted in our workforce to always deliver solutions to clients that allow their businesses to reach the epitomes of success.

This Singapore Fintech Festival provided the perfect platform for Fcode Labs’ vision in seeking out new information about trending technologies and potential opportunities that follows in the global space. 

Singapore is a massive trusted role player in the Fintech domain for high growth and speedily digitizing Asian markets. On an annual basis they translate this trust by hosting the largest known Fintech Festival in the world which is the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF).

Ever since its initiation in 2016, the SFF has craftily provided a platform for the global Fintech community to engage, connect, and collaborate on issues pertaining to the convergence of financial services, public policy and innovative technologies. 

It’s no surprise then that this year, the SFF kicking off in the Singapore Expo from November 2nd to November 4th has managed to attract a staggering number of 62,000+ participants ranging from 115+ countries.
It’s evident worldwide how the globalized economy is seeing an unprecedented inflation surge running the risks of significant slowdown in economic growth, due to this, Fintech firms worldwide are aiming to be resilient and operable during these trying times.
Hence this year’s theme in SFF was on “Building Resilient Business Models amid Volatility and Change” and the event saw 850 expert speakers and a total of 10,000 organizations and hosted 570+ exhibitors and 25 international pavilions at the exhibition hall.

 The Singapore Fintech Festival 2022 was aimed at discussing the rapid digital transformation occurring in the Fintech domain and how businesses can stay ahead of the change by meeting the demands of their user base. Discussion revolved around making use of technologies such as Web 3.0, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, green Fintech, etc. to bring about positive change in the Fintech domain. 

At the same time, the festival was taken as an opportunity by policy makers and government officials to bring to light new partnerships, any new Fintech developments, and share awaited updates on their ongoing Fintech projects.

Four of our Fcode Labs employees had participated in the three-day event of SFF to make use of the exciting information presented in the global Fintech community. We had two main objectives during the conference.

Firstly, our main focus was on Web3.0. We wanted especially to gain insights of how Web3.0 is being made use of in the current market, what are the trends circling around it and what new technological innovations are arising out of the Web3.0 concept.

We were also keen to find out how consumers have been adapting to technological innovations centering around Web3.0. SFF provided the perfect platform to increase our awareness and discover new opportunities in this fastly growing evolution of the Web that is taking the world by storm.

Our second objective was to find emerging business opportunities in Singapore that are using current technology stack such as Web2.0 and blockchain.

We at Fcode Labs are especially keen on Web3.0 as it’s the next step in the evolution of the internet. It’s a decentralized network based on blockchain technology and integrates machine learning and artificial technologies to provide users a complete personalized experience and ensuring complete possession of each user’s data. This overcomes the worries of centralization and loss of privacy that Web2.0 brought along. 

Our vision at Fcode Labs is to prepare ourselves for the paramount business opportunities that we believe the rise of Web3.0 will bring by keeping in touch with the latest trends of the market to stay ahead of the curve and compete in the global market.