Fcode Labs’ Visit to MOHT Singapore

March 6, 2023
5 min
Vishmi Dharmasiri

Recently, a team of four from Fcode Labs visited the Ministry of Health Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT) in Singapore. The objective of the visit was to work closely with the client team on-site and gain a better understanding of what they require and how things work.

Understanding the Client’s Needs Better

While technology has made remote collaboration easier than a click of a button, in-person meetings can prove to be incredibly fruitful. Providing tailored services for specific needs is crucial to get streamlined solutions, improve efficiency, and reduce unnecessary costs. Visiting the MOHT was one such step of our journey of understanding the client’s vision and goals fully.

Establishing a Stronger Bond with the Client Team

Working with the in-house team at MOHT has been rewarding to say the least.

One of the main objectives of doing so was to establish a strong relationship with the client team. Digital consultancy, similar to any other type of consulting engagement, requires transparent relationships within businesses and people. Building rapport and trust between our team and theirs has continuously proven to be vital for the success of the projects we undertake.

During the visit, our team had the opportunity to meet the Chief Technology Strategist of MOHT, Prof. Robert Morris, and the Deputy Director, Dr. Yanyan Hu. These encounters were excellent opportunities for the team to learn more about the best ways in which Fcode Labs’ capabilities and expertise can be put to use.

Overcoming Challenges Together

Our team learned about the challenges that the MOHT faces in the process of transforming Singapore's healthcare system, and the opportunities that lie ahead. This information will be invaluable for Fcode Labs as a software evelopment company working to develop tailored solutions that will help MOHTachieve their objectives as an organization.

Fcode Labs team is excited to continue working closely with the team at MOHT and delivering high-quality solutions that will help make digital healthcare readily accessible in Singapore.

Client Relationships in Software Consultancy

It is not a secret that in-person communication has taken a blow during Covid and the years that followed.

This is not to say that meeting with people is out of the question. While remote communication is quickly becoming the norm, especially in the recent years, in-person meetings can still play a critical role inbuilding strong client relationships and delivering successful projects.

At the heart of every digital endeavor and the receiving end of its results are people. Thus, it is important to keep the human touch going every step of the way. An ideal software development company will understand the importance of keeping up with tech advancements without jeopardizing human relationships.

As a company that values the bonds it maintains with its clients, Fcode Labs has always been keen on going the extra mile to have your best interests at heart. By fostering better collaborations and improving communication, we strive to ensure that every one of our clients receives nothing short of the best.