Talent Acquisition: Fcode Labs Stands Out at University Career Fairs

May 8, 2023
6 min
Vishmi Dharmasiri

As the best tech companies always do, Fcode Labs places a high value on its team, fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment that encourages stable growth. In so doing, we make sure that the members we welcome to our team are passionate and eager to grow with us. This is why we believe in young and aspiring professionals, currently pursuing higher education or fresh out of universities.

Over the years, Fcode Labs has been able to attract top talent and build a strong talent pipeline for the future.

This year, it was no different.

Fcode Labs at UOM CSE Career Fair

CSE UOM career fair day1

As a leading software development company, Fcode Labs participated in the UOM CSE Career Fair on March 2nd at the Sumanadasa Building, University of Moratuwa. The event brought together students and employers from various industries, providing an opportunity for networking, career advice, and job opportunities.

University of Moratuwa is a leading state university in Sri Lanka, famous for its excellence in the fields of Engineering and Information Technology. Fcode Labs has been joining the career fair organized by the university consecutively for the past couple of years. We take pride in providing an outlet for young talent to put their knowledge, passion, and skills into test.

Fcode Labs Joins IIT Career Fair

IIT career fair 2023

Fcode Labs also joined the IIT Career Fair 2023 held on 28th March 2023 at BMICH, Sri Lanka. The career fair was organized by Informatics Institute of Technology for its students who are in their first and fourth years, looking for internships and employment opportunities.

Fcode Labs was one of the 90+ companies that joined the event and was one of the most sought-after among the best software companies. Our booth at the event attracted a large number of students who were keen to learn more about the company's employment and internship opportunities.

Employment Opportunities for Undergraduates and Fresh Graduates

At these career fairs, our team had interactive sessions with the students where insights on the company's culture, work environment, and values were shared with them. We were on hand to answer questions and provide students with valuable advice about entering into the software development industry. After many years of limited physical interactions due to Covid-19 and the repercussions that followed, the animated enthusiasm of students was refreshing to witness live. Both career fairs concluded with a selected group of talented young individuals joining our team.

We are honoured to be recognized as a beacon for recent graduates who are looking for the best tech companies to kickstart their careers. Having been awarded a “Great Place to Work” multiple times, we ensure that our members work in an environment that is supportive and rewarding. Every new face that joins our team is considered an important member of the Fcode Labs family.  

You will find at Fcode Labs a team you can feel proud to be a part of.