Fcode Labs Visits the Honorary Consulate of Sri Lanka in Gothenburg

June 21, 2023
5 min
Vishmi Dharmasiri

From its classic meatballs to the thriving innovative economy, Sweden has it all!

To no one’s surprise, Fcode Labs’ tour in Sweden too, was full of significant events and rewarding moments.

During the visit to the friendly city of Gothenburg, Fcode Labs had the opportunity to engage with esteemed industry leaders from both nations. The discussions revolved around technological advancements, innovation, and potential partnerships. By connecting with influential figures, we gained valuable insights into the business landscape of Sri Lanka and Sweden, opening up avenues for future growth and expansion.

Fcode Labs, known to be one of the top AI companies in Sri Lanka, has managed to rise to well-deserved fame in the industry. Our expertise in software development and digital solutions, impressive capabilities and hard-earned achievements have placed us on top of the list of the best software companies in Sri Lanka. The visit to Sweden was an open outlet for us to showcase our potential to positively contribute to the growth of both Sri Lankan and Swedish economies.

Buddhishan Manamperi at the Honorary Consulate of Sri Lanka in Gothenburg

This collaborative initiative highlights Fcode Labs' commitment to establishing global networks and leveraging international expertise. By forging connections with industry leaders and diplomats, the software development team of Fcode Labs not only actively strengthens their presence in the technology sector but also contributes to positive ties between Sri Lanka and Sweden.

Our team is also incredibly grateful for the support extended by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Sweden and the Sri Lanka Export Development Board, whose assistance played a vital role in facilitating these meaningful connections and discussions.

The meeting at the Honorary Consulate of Sri Lanka in Gothenburg proved to be a fruitful and enlightening experience for us. As the best tech companies always do, Fcode Labs values building and nurturing positive connections with potential clients, stakeholders and partners. Permeating international borders has offered us better exposure. We keep moving forward in our journey of becoming one of the leading ai companies in the world.

In the process, it is a blessing to cross paths with like-minded people who are also looking to progress into the future through technology. As a promising bespoke software development company, nothing can delight us more.