Fcode Labs Trains Its Employees On Project Management

March 22, 2023
5 min
Vishmi Dharmasiri

Much of the success of any project depends on how it is managed. However small or large a project may be, the key is to have a clear and workable plan to tackle it. This is why companies are keen on investing in project management resources that will help increase efficiency and drive better results.

Providing everyone in the team with basic knowledge in project management is crucial for smoother operations.

Project Management Training at Fcode Labs

Project managers discussion

Fcode Labs, a leading software company in Sri Lanka, recently held a Project Management (PM) training session aimed at training interns and refreshing the knowledge of existing employees. The session focused on how the best practices of Project Management, spurred by recent tech advancements, could be efficiently adapted to increase productivity. The objective of the training was to improve the understanding of the role of PM in a digital transformation space, the project management knowledge areas, agile concepts, and the execution of agile ceremonies.

During the training session, the participants were taken through various modules that covered the basics of project management, including the different phases of a project, project management methodologies, and the role of the project manager. They also delved into the importance of communication, collaboration, and stakeholder management in project management.

The training also touched on the key knowledge areas of project management, including project scope, time management, cost management, quality management, risk management, procurement management, and human resource management. The participants were taught how to integrate these knowledge areas into their project management practices to ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the expected quality standards.

Understanding Agile Concepts

Agile concepts were also discussed in detail during the training session. The participants were introduced to the basic principles of agile project management, and the different agile methodologies, including Scrum, Kanban, and Lean. The training emphasized the importance of flexibility, continuous improvement, and collaboration in agile project management.

To reinforce the agile concepts taught during the training, the participants were taken through the execution of agile ceremonies, including daily stand-ups, sprint planning, sprint review, and retrospective meetings. The trainees were taught how to effectively plan, execute, and monitor projects using these ceremonies, and how to adapt them to the specific needs of their projects.

Project Management Skills For Efficiency And Innovation

The training session provided an opportunity for the participants to discuss how they could execute the concepts taught in Fcode Labs, and what improvements could be made to the current project management practices in the organization. The participants shared their experiences and challenges in project management, and the facilitators provided practical solutions and recommendations.

The PM training session held by Fcode Labs underscores the importance of continuous learning and development in today's rapidly evolving business environment.

By equipping our employees with the latest project management knowledge and skills, Fcode Labs is making sure that they are well-positioned to drive innovation, increase efficiency, and achieve greater success in the projects they undertake.