Fcode Labs Team Meets clients in Germany

April 25, 2023
5 min

In July, our team at Fcode Labs met with our trusted stakeholders in Germany in the hope of expanding business in the region.

Partnering with Exazyme GmbH

Exazyme GmbH in Berlin develops Artificial Intelligence to design proteins to be used as drugs, for instance, as cures for cancer. In their team, we found like-minded people with a vision to create timely and impactful solutions for people. We had a successful meeting with Dr. Ingmar Schuster, Founder and CEO at Exazyme. The initial discussion focused on the ongoing engagement between the two companies and the potential collaborative plans for the future.

After being acquainted with Exazyme's team, we realized that they pay close attention to all low-level and integration processes. On par with this, our team already had an action plan to ensure that tech operations run smoothly. Fcode Labs’ suggestions and contribution will not only help optimize continued integration, but also keep their synchronization costs at a minimum.

Collaborating with PromiseQ GmbH

Our team also met with Elias Kardel, the Managing Director and CTO at PromiseQ GmbH at Berlin, Germany. PromisQ is a Berlin-based startup that offers innovative software solutions to security companies. Our current stakeholder engagement and the ways it could be improved further were discussed. The hope was to think of ways to foster reliable connections while developing workable plans for the future.

Fcode Labs team with Elias Kardel, Managing Director and CTO at PromiseQ GmbH, Germany
(Image: Fcode Labs team with Elias Kardel, Managing Director and CTO at PromiseQ GmbH, Germany.)

Started one and a half years ago, PromiseQ has continued to achieve rapid growth. With the operational expansion of the company, assistance in software development and other digital solutions has become a prominent need.

This is where we come in with the best resources the industry has to offer. House to the top talents in the country, Fcode Labs hopes to offer assistance in all levels of their software development process.

Fcode Labs Exceeds Expectations

Fcode Labs approaches every client with a professionalism that is often appreciated by them. We try to stay flexible and open with our options in meeting the expectations of our clients. Our team works together to find ways to better contribute to the company’s existing team and its development workflow.

The pool of talented engineers we have provide the expertise our clients need, whenever they need it. Problem solving is our forte, and we are prompt in assisting the internal tech teams with the digital solutions they require at hand. Being an affordable global tech company, we strive to offer the best value for our products and services.

Our ongoing projects in Germany have opened up many opportunities for us to grow as a company while helping other companies grow, too. We hope to establish ourselves as an affordable tech company in Germany as well as in several other regions.

Fcode Labs has been on a mission towards success, ever since the beginning. Meeting great clients like Exazyme and PromiseQ is the most rewarding part of what we do, and also the part we love best.