Fcode Labs Team meets Clients in Singapore

February 21, 2023
8 mins

Last month, Fcode Labs toured in Singapore – discussing technology, exploring new avenues of business, and strengthening relationships with stakeholders.

Representing our team at Fcode, Buddhishan Manamperi and Tharindu Mallawaarachchi met with a team from the Ministry of Health, Singapore. Among them were the ministry’s Chief Technology Strategist Prof. Robert Morris, Deputy Director Dr. Yanyan Hu, and Senior Manager Mr. Thisum Buddhika. The past 2 years in which Fcode Labs have been actively engaged with the ministry as its health tech partner were recalled with admiration. The friendly meeting concluded in discussing future development plans aimed at making digital healthcare for both physical and mental health more accessible within Singapore.

Another insightful business conversation took place between Fcode Labs team and Mr. Haisheng Zhang, the tech manager at Zuellig Pharma - one of the largest healthcare services groups in Asia with over a century-old history. The discussion was mainly on making healthcare more accessible to the public through inventive and useful health tech products. We focused attention on finding ways to provide better healthcare with software development at its core. The discussed plans for the future revolve around improving the quality of physical and mental health services with the help of technology.

Fcode Labs team with clients

For our team, meeting clients in Singapore meant a lot more than receiving feedback on past projects. We were also keen on gathering insights about digital health that would help shape future projects with them. At Fcode Labs, we believe that understanding the changing customer demands is the key to developing impactful software. This is why discussions with clients are always learning experiences for us. 

Offering affordable tech solutions in Sri Lanka as well as overseas, Fcode Labs has evolved into a visionary leader in software development. Behind every successful project delivery is the collective effort of our team. However, we consider client engagement to be as important as teamwork. Feedback from trusted customers gives us new impetus for innovation. This is why we facilitate client meetings every now and then to better understand their needs. A client meeting is an important incentive that helps review, assess and improve our products and services.

Being a Sri Lankan tech company trusted by both local and international customers, Fcode Labs has managed to maintain a remarkable rapport with its clientele so far. Our tour in Singapore sought to enlighten us on how we can service our long-standing customers with the best digital health solutions possible.

At Fcode Labs, we create smart and futuristic solutions. Our clients are not only our main aspiration, but also our greatest inspiration.