Fcode Labs Represented Sri Lanka at ICT Spring 2022 Luxembourg

February 21, 2023
5 mins

Last month, Fcode Labs represented Sri Lanka at ICT Spring 2022 held in Luxembourg. It was great to be a Sri Lankan delegate at a leading international tech event.

ICT Spring is an annual global tech conference that hosts many ICT professionals from around the world. It brings tech enthusiasts, experts and service providers together. The participants are given great opportunities to enhance their knowledge on digital technologies, be updated on the latest tech trends, dive deeper into FinTech and its growth, unveil IT security secrets, drive supply chain innovation, and study how space technologies affect global businesses. ICT Spring makes all of that possible within the two days it is held. Insightful conferences, exhibitions and demos give the attendees a good glimpse into the current trends and future possibilities of technology.

Gaming setup of ICT spring

This year in Luxembourg, ICT Spring opened its doors to tech experts and enthusiasts from every corner of the world. Organized by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and Farvest, the conference also aimed to help SMEs and startups find opportunities to grow.

Joining ICT Spring 2022 as an exhibitor alongside globally recognized IT giants like Microsoft, Google and Zoom was indeed a massive achievement for Fcode Labs. It offered us a golden opportunity to connect with tech experts and potential clients. The two-day event was a learning experience as much as it was an opportunity for business expansion. Apart from enjoying the conference and demonstrations, we had a great time meeting like-minded tech geeks and sharing our passion for innovative technologies.

Tharindu Mallawaarachchi at ICT Spring 2022

Our stall was a smashing success, and everyone who paid a visit seemed to love it. While letting our visitors know what we can bring to the table, we also had a chance to engage in interesting conversations with them about the latest tech trends and developments. The exponential increase in the use of tech products in almost every field has made tech expertise a widely sought out service. Being one of the fastest-growing Sri Lankan software companies, Fcode Labs had a lot to offer at ICT Spring 2022 in Luxembourg, and also a lot to experience. The global tech conference brought us a few steps closer to achieving our single most important goal; providing every client with top-tier software solutions.

Fcode labs cards at ICT spring 2022

As a leading software development company in Sri Lanka that is steadily expanding its global reach, we believe that opportunities like this are crucial to achieve commercial and professional success. Equipped with a solid tech stack and talented professionals who know their way around it, Fcode Labs is on an ambitious mission towards tech revolution.

For us, ICT Spring 2022 in Luxembourg was an opportunity like no other.

While getting a peek into the future of technology, we also got one into our own - which looks as promising as ever.