Fcode Labs Hosts "Thaala Handawa" Acoustic Music Night

June 5, 2024
1-3 min

In February, Fcode Labs organized "Thaala Handawa," a delightful acoustic music night that brought the team's talented individuals together. Held at the Fcode Labs premises, the event ran from 6 PM onwards, providing a perfect evening of music and solidarity.

Approximately30 people attended the event, enjoying an intimate setting that allowed everyone to participate and appreciate the performances. The atmosphere wasfilled with joy and enthusiasm as team members sang their favorite classicalpop songs.

The event was organized by the HR team, who did a fantastic job in planning and executing the evening. The choice of classical pop music created a nostalgic and relaxing vibe, allowing everyone to unwind and enjoy the musical talents of their colleagues.

Participants provided positive feedback, describing the event as a "nice relaxing evening." The success of "Thaala Handawa" has inspired Fcode Labs to consider making this an annual tradition, nurturing a sense of community, and celebrating the diverse talents within the company.

We look forward to more such events that bring us together and create lasting memories. Stay tuned for updates on future "Thaala Handawa" night sand other exciting events at Fcode Labs!