Fcode Labs Hosts Exciting Cricket Fiesta

June 5, 2024
1 -3 min
Rishini Wickremarachchi

In March, Fcode Labs hosted its annual Cricket Fiesta, a fun-filled event that brought together the company's cricket enthusiasts for a day of spirited competition and team bonding. Held at Club Fusion, the event ran for the entire day, providing ample time for multiple matches and activities.

The Cricket Fiesta featured five teams, with around 30 to 40people attending. Organized by the HR team, the event was diligently planned to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Throughout the day, attendees enjoyed a series of exciting cricket matches. The highlight of the event was the final match, where the team "Wolfpack," led by captain Thusara Wanigathunga, emerged victorious. The event was marked by moments of intense competition, skillful play, and enthusiastic cheering from teammates and spectators alike.

Participants gave positive feedback, mentioning the day as fun and energetic. The Cricket Fiesta significantly boosted team morale ,improved connections among members and reinforced other essential moral values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and mutual support

Given the success and the positive impact of the event, Fcode Labs plans to continue this tradition with annual Cricket Fiestas ,further strengthening the bonds within the team and celebrating the company's sporting spirit.

We look forward to many more memorable and enjoyable Cricket Fiestas in the years to come!