Fcode Labs Daycation at Citrus Waskaduwa

April 25, 2023
5 min

The day was the 27th of August, 2022.

Hours before the day dawned, everyone in the Fcode Labs team was busy packing for the long-awaited daycation.

On top of bathing suits, cricket bats, and guitars; we packed a whole bunch of excitement with us too!

Fcode Labs Sports Fiesta 2022

The Fcode Labs team attended a family gathering followed by a sports event on 27th August at Citrus Waskaduwa Resort. Random daycations and fun getaways are part of our workplace culture, and everyone here looks forward to taking a break from work for a while. Employee motivation is not limited to the workplace, and this is a fine example.

Fondly titled “Fcode Labs Sports Fiesta”, the event was the perfect opportunity for the team to strengthen their bonds with each other. From fun sports games to chilled-out cocktails by the pool, there was something enjoyable for everyone.

A team of cheerful young women posing together during Sports Fiesta 2022

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Fcode Labs is always looking for ways to motivate employees, both in and outside of work hours. Although weekends are mainly for relaxing at home, occasional getaways like this are much needed to break the boredom.

A lot of team-building activities for employees were arranged by the Fcode Labs’ Event Organizing Committee. From general chit-chat to playing throw in the pool, everything was an opportunity for team motivation. A game of football was organized to encourage everyone to kick it up a notch! When it was time to sing, everyone chimed in enthusiastically. The weather was perfect for a cool dip in the pool, and our team barely needed any directions to flock around and start doing all this.

For some, running around and playing games was challenging while for some, singing was the hard part. However, thanks to the support and love we share as a team, blending into any situation is never an issue. It was refreshing to see the members of our team get out of their comfort zones to try things they have not before. To say the least, these team-building activities were a breath of fresh air.

young boys are smiling and having fun while bonding with their colleagues.

A Day to Remember

Teamwork projects are a big part of Fcode Labs’ work culture. We try to coordinate with each other in all our projects. Even though the responsibilities are divided among the members, we make sure all of them stay updated and aware of every aspect of a project. This way, minor setbacks won’t bring the team down.

The daycation at Citrus Waskaduwa was no different. It made us realize how important teamwork is, no matter the task. The Cricket tournament was the most fun when it had everyone’s contribution. The football players performed their best when the cheering squad was loud and encouraging. Even during lunch and while sipping tea, the spirit of sharing enhanced every single moment.

With the sun melting into the clear coastal skies, the day came to a close.

Singing familiar tunes in unison, we realized that each individual voice is important to make the melody beautiful.

Fcode labs family