Fcode Labs' CTO Delivers an AI Workshop in Germany

May 13, 2024
3 mins

Fcode Labs is proud to announce their first successful workshop led by its Chief Technology Officer – Ramesh, at the Merantix AI Campus in Berlin, Germany.

The workshop led by Ramesh focused on the critical topic of security vulnerabilities within machine learning (ML) systems. It covered areas like input manipulation attacks, data poisoning, and model theft, along with prevention strategies.

Ramesh emphasized the importance of fostering a culture of security within organizations. This requires close collaboration between developers, data scientists, and security teams to ensure ML systems are resilient against attacks.

The workshop attracted a diverse audience of machine learning engineers, data scientists, and security professionals eager to gain a deeper understanding of ML security threats. Participants actively engaged in discussions and Q&A sessions, highlighting the valuable insights shared by Ramesh.

The event’s success would have been impossible without the invaluable contributions of Ingmar Schuster, Jean Simonnet, and all members of the Exazyme Team. Their pivotal roles were instrumental in the successful execution of this event!