Fcode Labs Celebrates "Awurudu" with Traditional Games and Festivities

June 11, 2024
1 -3 min
Rishini Wickremarachchi

In April, FcodeLabs hosted a vibrant "Awurudu" celebration at the Bolgoda 360 Hotel,marking the Sinhala and Tamil New Year with a full day of traditional games andfestivities. The event, which ran from 10 AM to 5 PM, brought togetherenthusiastic members of Fcode Labs, creating a memorable day filled with joyand cultural celebration.

The event was organizedby the Fcode Labs event committee, who ensured that every detail reflected therich traditions of the New Year. The venue was adorned with thematicdecorations that highlighted the cultural significance of Awurudu, setting afestive and welcoming atmosphere.

The day waspacked with a variety of traditional Awurudu games, including Kotta Pora(pillow fighting), Kana Mutti (breaking the pot), Tug-of-War, and the contestfor choosing the Awurudu Kumara (New Year Prince) and Awurudu Kumariya (NewYear Princess). These activities not only provided fun and entertainment butalso brought back fond memories of traditional New Year celebrations for manyattendees.

Participantsdescribed the event as a day filled with excitement and camaraderie. The entireday was memorable, with no single moment standing out as the whole experiencewas cherished by all. The celebrations significantly boosted team morale,fostering a stronger sense of community and cultural appreciation within the FcodeLabs family.

Given the successand positive feedback from the Awurudu celebrations, Fcode Labs plans tocontinue this tradition annually, ensuring that cultural festivities remain anintegral part of the company's calendar.