Country report release event at Asia House, Denmark

June 28, 2023
10 min
Chanuka Nadun Perera

In a recent Scandinavia tour, Fcode Labs, a prominent IT company, made a significant visit to Asia House in Denmark. The purpose of their visit was to attend a noteworthy event titled "The Innovation Ecosystem of Sri Lanka." This event brought together representatives from Denmark and Sri Lanka, providing valuable insights into entering the Danish market for foreign countries. 

Organized by the EDB (Sri Lanka Export Development Board) and the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm, this event aimed to foster business connections between the two nations. His Excellency Darshana Perera, Sri Lanka Ambassador for Scandinavian countries, participated in the event alongside Fcode Labs.

Tharindu Malawaraarchchi at Asia House

Sri Lanka is a crucial trading hub in Asia, boasting a robust and thriving economy. With its strategic location and well-established infrastructure, the country has become a magnet for international business opportunities. During the event, the focus was set on Sri Lanka, spotlighting its remarkable knowledge solutions industry. This industry has grown substantially, generating game-changing IT products, services, Business Processing Management (BPM), and outsourcing solutions. 

One of the event's highlights was the valuable insights shared by representatives from the IT industry in Denmark. Their expertise shed light on the Danish market and gave foreign companies a roadmap to access it successfully. Denmark, known for its technological advancements and business-friendly environment, presents exciting opportunities for companies seeking to expand their operations internationally. With the guidance and knowledge gained from these experts, attendees were equipped with valuable information to navigate the Danish market effectively.

The primary goal of "The Innovation Ecosystem of Sri Lanka" event was to foster stronger business connections between Sri Lanka and Denmark. By bringing together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers from both nations, the event aimed to create a platform for collaboration and partnerships. The networking opportunities provided a conducive environment for meaningful interactions, paving the way for potential joint ventures and mutually beneficial relationships.

Tharindu Malawaraarchchi presenting

In addition to attending "The Innovation Ecosystem of Sri Lanka" event, Fcode Labs actively participated in other important activities during their visit to Denmark. One such activity was the release of the Sri Lanka country report, where comprehensive insights into the country's economic landscape, business potential, and investment opportunities were shared. This report provided attendees with a comprehensive overview of Sri Lanka's key sectors, highlighting the immense potential for growth and collaboration.

Furthermore, various networking events allowed Fcode Labs to engage with industry leaders from Denmark. These interactions provided a platform to showcase Fcode Labs' expertise and capabilities as a strategic IT partner. As a company experienced in guiding and leading the digitalization process, Fcode Labs positioned itself as a reliable partner for Danish companies looking to successfully navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

"The Innovation Ecosystem of Sri Lanka" event proved to be a significant milestone in fostering business connections between Sri Lanka and Denmark. With representatives from both countries sharing valuable insights and expertise, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the Danish market and discovered new opportunities for collaboration. Fcode Labs, alongside His Excellency Darshana Perera, played an essential role in promoting Sri Lanka's booming knowledge solutions industry and showcasing the company's capabilities as a strategic IT partner. As the event concluded, the stage was set for fruitful business relationships and potential partnerships to thrive between Sri Lanka and Denmark. 

You can read the full report to explore in-depth details and gain a comprehensive understanding of the event's outcomes and the opportunities it presented to foster business connections between Sri Lanka and Denmark.