Building a Resilient Software Team

February 10, 2023

What is a Resilient Software Team?

Resilience is a group's ability to react to disruption and change in a workable and creative way. Resilient software teams are able to bounce back to shape after unexpected and unforeseen challenges. In the ever-changing landscape of software development, a resilient team is able to withstand hardships and survive difficult conditions.

How to Create Resilient Software Teams

After Covid 19, software teams had to rethink their functions. As remote work gradually became the norm, software developing operations also shifted to automation-first.

Upgrading to a tech stack that could tackle previously manual operations online was the first challenge software developers had to face. The second was building a team that could stay resilient, despite all the changes.In other words, people are at the core of implementing successful automation tools. This is why teams matter, in both remote and in-person work settings.

Components of a Resilient Team of Software Developers

Over the past few years, user demands have changed drastically. With the multitude of options available in a world where technological advancements have evolved in rocket speed, users are looking for the best innovative solutions. A good team of software developers should be big and efficient enough to handle development and maintenance tasks while addressing user demands effectively. This way, the pace of innovation could be kept in tune.

If your software team struggles to keep the forward momentum steady, customers will probably opt for a more consistent option. This is why being a resilient team matters.

What is the breakdown of a resilient software team?

  • 50% of its effort is dedicated to creating user-focused features and outcomes
  • 25% targets technical investment used for system maintenance
  • 25% focuses on finding solutions to system defects and escalations

How Fcode Labs Built a Resilient Software Team

Fcode Labs’ strategy of building and maintaining a resilient team is simple.We prioritize our members and keep the team spirit alive.

When you are predominantly working online, there is a clear lack of physical human interactions. This can automatically lead to a subtle disconnect between the team members who are all working remote. We keep the human element alive by engaging in important conversations, gathering ideas and opinions, and staying aware of each other’s roles and efforts. This way, every project and every challenge feels like the whole team’s responsibility rather than an individual’s.

Expanding our team has also been useful in many ways. As a distributed team, we are careful not to let sudden absences and setbacks decelerate our workflow. Strengthening the crew with talented and capable individuals has been rewarding, because of the innovative thinking and hard work they bring to the team.

Moving Towards Better Software Development Practices

With teams that are adept, flexible, and adaptable - Fcode Labs has come a long way to be one of the best software teams in Sri Lanka that works with clients worldwide. Resilience within the team is reflected in the resilience of our practices and services. Cloud-based monitoring and testing, agile project management, seamless integration and other DevOps practices help maintain the resilience of the products and services we provide.

At the end of the day, the key strength of any resilient team is its members. The success of every manual and automated operation depends on their efficiency.