Fcode Labs Client Workshop at MAS Intimates: Enabling Business Success through Digital Transformation

February 21, 2023
5 min

As a trustworthy tech company in Sri Lanka, we consider customer engagement to be the main stimulus behind what we believe, plan, and create. From 4th to 7th July, Fcode Labs facilitated a 3-day workshop with the team at MAS Intimates PVT LTD. The goal was to develop effective digital solutions to optimize their products and services. This collaborative endeavor was implemented as part of the ‘Client Workshops’ series, a novel initiative by Fcode Labs. 

MAS is the leading apparel manufacturer and exporter in Sri Lanka. Now with the global shift to digital, the need to have solid strategies to successfully tackle industry requirements is paramount. With this goal in mind, the comprehensive workshop enabled much-needed conversations to take place between the Fcode team and MAS stakeholders. The discussions revolved around understanding the issues faced by the company, and brainstorming the best-fitting tech solutions needed to solve them. We were able to gather accurate information and insights to develop prototypes well aligned with the desired outcomes.

Fcode Labs team with Mass Intimates

The workshop consist of multiple interactive sessions that threw light on the strategic framework required to achieve immediate and long-term B2B and B2C business goals. By designing prototypes, we were able to demonstrate how the practical implementation of the tech products would enhance existing digital structures. Such hands-on approach always encourages the making of informed decisions, where the plans that would work better could be identified easier.

Fcode Labs team member presenting a presentation

Fcode Labs has soon become a fast-growing tech company in Sri Lanka, reputed for creating cutting-edge digital solutions for businesses all over the world. Awarded by the “Great Place to Work” certification twice since its establishment, Fcode Labs has continued to provide a positive working environment for its employees and deliver high-quality software products for its clients. The year 2022 has been rough so far for business owners and tech specialists alike. Despite the challenges, our team has been successful in adapting new changes in the tech sector. When push comes to shove, we always go above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive nothing but the best in the industry.

The changing digital landscape in Sri Lanka calls for more integrated and imaginative strategic solutions. By now, we know that transformation in the digital sphere is a two-way process. As the tech partner, we ensure that our clients are always included in the conversation – with their ideas heard, and their expectations met. Instead of limiting us, the new challenges have prompted us to push our creativity a step further and be more proactive in incentivizing and popularizing client products. In doing so, we follow a flexible and customer-centric approach that seeks to meet the expected quality standards.

Fcode labs team with Director of Vega Innovations

Whenever revolutionary tech transformations are in the making, insights gained through client engagement can go a long way. Workshops like this can open important conversations about business goals, and encourage tech partners and stakeholders to put ambitious plans into action amidst challenges.