Best Workplace

Fcode Labs is Among the 50 Best Companies in Sri Lanka

February 21, 2023
5 mins

What makes a good workplace great?

A lot of things, really.

To put it simply, a great workplace is where work is meaningful, enjoyable and growth-oriented. Employees would love working there, as much as clients would love being serviced.

For us, making the leap from a start-up to a well-established company all while having a positive work culture, dedicated employees, and satisfied clients was not easy. By earning the “Great Place to Work®” certification this year, Fcode Labs really did reach quite the colossal milestone. Looking back, it has only been a few years since we started. By 2022, it seems to us that we are well-loved by you. And as the team, we are absolutely thrilled!

5 Reasons Why We Are One of the Best Companies in Sri Lanka in 2022

Out of multiple other companies in Sri Lanka, Fcode Labs has what it takes to be among the best.

And here’s why!


We are positive that the Fcode Labs team is just what you need to make a change for the better.

Here, we value inventive thinkers. Our ideas are original, imaginative and result-oriented. The team here is driven by innovation, and we believe that to be one of our biggest assets. In securing our place among the best workplaces in Sri Lanka, we had to make sure that what we deliver is always fresh, creative, and unique to Fcode.


It is not easy to build a company from scratch, whilst finding a stable footing in the industry among several other competitors. Growing eventually might be one thing, but staying consistent with growth is another. The difficult task is to sustain growth amidst countless challenges.

In its journey of becoming a great workplace, Fcode Labs has always valued consistent growth over short-lived success. By growing both as a team and as individuals, our employees help the company reach steady business success. 

Culture of Care

Apart from providing reliable tech solutions to our customers, we are also providing a positive work environment for our employees. Irrespective of professional hierarchy, everyone is treated with equity and respect.

Employee satisfaction inspires workplace pride. As one of the best companies to work in Sri Lanka, Fcode Labs has proven that community building is vital for business growth.

By considering every employee to be a member of the Fcode Labs family, we have managed to build a community that is diverse and warm. Inside it, we are respectful of each other’s ideas and sensitive to each other’s needs.

Staying True to the “Great Place to Work®” Title

The best companies in Sri Lanka, much like everywhere else, are built upon trust. Fcode Labs has been trusted by its employees and clients to be welcoming, helpful and reliable. We take pride in being a company that values its people and strives to provide a positive experience to each and every one of them.

Receiving a certification on the quality of work we do and the services we provide is certainly something worth being proud of. However, Fcode Labs is now focused on working even harder to improve workplace values and deliver amazing results. As one of the best companies to work in Sri Lanka, we are trying every day to be even better.

A “Great Place to Work®” certification and a team that works together to earn it are two of the best things a company could ask for.

Having both, we are as blessed as can be.