Who we are

In a world where technology demands constant change, Fcode Labs can help your business move forward and achieve faster and optimal level of growth via innovative digital solutions

Our story

We are a visionary software engineering company that helps enterprises adapt to the changing future.

Founded in 2018, Fcode Labs is a software engineering company with an expanding global footprint comprising of operational bases at Singapore and Sri Lanka.

We are collaboration of visionary and creative minds that embrace core values of diversity and inclusivity to create a thriving workplace while pushing the limits of innovation. Our mission is to produce globally standard technologies to transform enterprises while demonstrating the expertise of the Sri Lankan software engineering industry in producing world-class digital products and services.

Our Culture

At Fcode we aim to forego boundaries and move ahead with the times and technology. We are a team of dedicated and dynamic engineers who work together as a family towards a collective vision of finding new ways to help your business grow.


Our Founders

Innovation and leadership go hand in hand. Our founders at Fcode Labs lead by example to inspire us to envision new heights in software engineering.

Buddhishan Manamperi
Tharindu Malawaraarachchi
Ramesh Rathnayake
our values

Values we live by and have integrated seamlessly


We prioritize quality in everything that we do. From our engineering processes, client communication to final product and aftercare services, we strive to deliver excellence across our operations.


Human relationships are key to the successful functioning at Fcode Labs. From creating cohesive teams to building client relations, we strive to ensure honesty, transparency and accountability in the delivery of our commitments.


Fcode Labs is structured in compliance with international codes and standards so as to ensure security at each level of our operations. We offer the highest levels of protection to our clients and end-users to guarantee their optimal experience.


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