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Maia, Patient management system for psychiatrists by University of Auckland & Maia Limited, New Zealand 🇳🇿

Live from June 2020

Maia is a comprehensive system that helps psychiatrists to get closer and help patients, keep track of the prescriptions and gather and use medical data complying to the regulations.

◻️️️ Silver Medal - New Zealand Best Design Awards for user experience '20, Designer Institute, New Zealand

◻️️️ Real-time Patient Management
◻️️️ Video Consultations
◻️️️ Scheduling and Appointment Management
◻️️️ Task Management
◻️️️ HIPAA, HISO Compliance

Mobile screenshots of MAIA project
Desktop screenshots of MAIA project
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Alt+it, complete process automation software revolutionizing the apparel industry with MAS Holding (PVT) LTD 🇱🇰

Live from Oct 2019

The purpose of the system is to digitise every single function and then automate all the processes of the company making everyday workflows seamlessly managed and integrated to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Sri Lanka’s largest apparel company.


◻️️️ Realtime Process Management
◻️️️ Smart Staffing
◻️️️ Scheduling and Event Management
◻️️️ Email and communication management
◻️️️ Push Notifications.
◻️️️ Reporting and Data Analytics.

Alt It mobile screenshots
Alt It desktop screenshots

Digital Transformation at David Peiris Group of Companies 🇱🇰

Live from Nov 2020

Digital Transformation of operations at David Peiris Group of Companies, which is one of the largest conglomerates in Sri Lanka.

MAS Holdings logo

Flingo, Draw, Chat & Share App by Fcode Labs 🇱🇰

Live from April 2020

Flingo is the secure and awesome way of coloring what you have in the mind to chat with your friends. Live, Animated! Be Social!

Gif Maker function allows you to convert your sketch, art, paint, drawing into a cool animation instantly. What’s more, you can draw your own Emoji.

◻️️️ Intuitive interface to sketch
◻️️️ Instant GIF creating from Drawing
◻️️️ Image & Text messages
◻️️️ Group Chats

Screenshots of flingo mobile application

UpSilent, Hearing disablity management system by University of Auckland, New Zealand 🇳🇿

Under Development

UpSilent uses patented technology to treat patients with Tinnitus, which is a common hearing perception of noise or ringing in the ears.

◻️️️ Patient Management
◻️️️ Remote treatments
◻️️️ HIPAA, HISO Compliance

Up Silent mobile screenshots
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iLogCancer, Patient management system for oncologists in Norway 🇳🇴

Under Development

Minprostata (iLogCancer) is a comprehensive system that helps oncologists to get closer and help patients, keep track of the prescriptions and gather and use medical data complying to the regulations.

◻️️️ Patient Management
◻️️️ Remote treatments
◻️️️ HIPAA, HISO Compliance

Min Prostata mobile screenshots
Min Prostata logo

WasteApp, Waste Management App with University of Colombo, Dehiwala - Mount Lavinia Municipal Council & Boralesgamuwa Urban Council 🇱🇰

Beta from May 2020

Waste App is the novel way to manage all the public waste collections done by the state councils in Sri Lanka. Public app will notify and track all the garbage disposed and the collector app tracks all the key information.

◻️️️ Real-time Location Tracking
◻️️️ Waste Management
◻️️️ Waste collector task assignment & tracking
◻️️️ Data Analytics

Waste app mobile screenshots
Waste app desktop screenshots
University of Colombo logo

Workflow automation system revolutionizing the early education in Austraila 🇦🇺

Beta from April 2020

The purpose of the system is to digitise every single aspect of the process associated with the early education industry thereby give everybody involved a fantastic user experience and reduce the overhead of time wasted in documentation to comply with the regulations.

◻️️️ Child Enrolment
◻️️️ Staff Management
◻️️️ Real-time checklist management
◻️️️ Task Management
◻️️️ Scheduling and Push notifications.
◻️️️ Reminders
◻️️️ Email and communication management.
◻️️️ Payments

Educational Platform mobile screenshots

SayHello, English Language training platform by SayHello App (PVT) LTD 🇱🇰

Live from April 2020

The purpose of the system is to provide intuitive and smooth user experience to everyday users who wants to learn English easily.

◻️️️ Content Management
◻️️️ Course & Submission Management
◻️️️ Engagement Management
◻️️️ Teacher evaluations
◻️️️ Package Activations.

Say Hello mobile screenshots

iStay, the end-to-end digital hospitality solution by Fcode Labs 🇱🇰

Live from April 2019

It is the modern way of showcasing the hotel services while giving a seamless experience to the guest to interact with the hotel staff and reception. Management web portal is used to add the details, images and latest information about the hotel services.

◻️️️ Realtime Order Management
◻️️️ Guest Checking handling

Awards & Recognition
◻️️️ JohnKeelsX pre-accelerator program
◻️️️ Winners - eSwabhimani 2019 (Tourism & culture) by ICTA, Sri Lanka.

iStay mobile application screenshots
iStay desktop dashboard screenshots

Path to Nibbana, buddhist meditation app for the community 🇱🇰

Live from Dec 2019

Path to Nibbana App offers completely free content, where you can listen to the meditation sessions conducted by Mr. Kithsiri Samarasinghe, Senior Lecturer, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka which are based on the Tripitaka.

◻️️️ Audio & Video Sessions
◻️️️ Bookmarking
◻️️️ Notification Management

Path to Nibbana mobile application screenshots
Path to Nibbana web dashboard screenshots

Machine Learning & AI Research

Apart from the above projects, we have worked on few Machine Learning Research Projects which you may be interested in.

Read about Machine Learning Research