Case Study

CPO2 – Order Management Digital Transformation Platform

June 27, 2022
5 min read

CPO2 is a digital transformation platform that manages the lifecycle of a purchase order, from receiving orders from the client to verifying and producing products in the production facility of Brandix Limited, one of the largest Apparel exporters in Sri Lanka.


Brandix Lanka Limited

(Annual Turnover : $600M+)


The platform aims to digitize, automate, and monitor the process of an order receiving from the client to products being produced in the production facilities.

There are several manual processes that involve in between, to verify and getting an order to the production house. These processes are digitalized and automated with a microservices-based workflow management tool developed by Fcode Labs.

Clients can submit their orders in their preferred format (Excel, CSV, PDF,EDI) directly into the CPO2 system. The system workflows will make sure the orders are processed accordingly with the relevant interventions of Brandix staff.

Main Components

  • Server less architecture using Amazon Lambda.
  • Angular front end.
  • Nest.js backend.
  • PostgreSQL database.

Cloud Infrastructure Diagram

Our Approach and Collaboration

Fcode Labs had extensive customer interviews with Brandix merchandisers of different SBUs and other related factory staff to identify the current processes.

Referenced the Brandix’s enterprise architecture when designing the solution.

Different customer orders had different ways of handling. All these different processes were mapped down to one common workflow and implemented the solution in few phases.

The tool is only a part of a much larger digitalization strategy of Brandix Limited. In the end this platform is connected to the central system of Brandix in collaboration of other Brandix development teams as well.

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