Case Study

Maia - Changing the future of mental healthcare

June 27, 2022
8 min read

Live from June 2020

How we scoped the solution

Practitioners are constantly searching for new ways to transform treatment to make a patient's experiences more worthwhile. A larger component of mental health treatment happens outside the therapist's office. Therefore, we were tasked with creating a sophisticated platform to provide digital mental healthcare services so that the practitioners could fine new ways to connect, engage and monitor the progress of their patients.

A collaborative process that focuses on the end user

Finding new ways to keep patients engaged was a key challenge in the development of digital mental healthcare. Through extensive research and collaboration with a team of healthcare professionals and researchers from the University of Auckland, we endeavored to discover new ways to keep patients engaged and responsive while improving outcomes.

A quick pay-off

86% - Increase in customer sign-ups and usage

64% - Increase in customer revenue

52% - Increase in customer sign-ups and usage

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