How to handle asynchronous For loop in JavaScript category

December 16, 2022
2 mins

Since JavaScript is a single-threaded programming environment, some times it gives confusing outputs when time-consuming processes are executed middle of a code block. Using Asynchronous JavaScript such as a sync, await and promises developers can overcome the occurrence of those confusing outputs.

From today’s article, I am going to talk about how an asynchronous for loop can be handle in JavaScript.

Before moving further it would be better to have mentioned that I am not going to explain basic concepts of a sync, await and promises in JavaScript. I am going to explain only about handling asynchronous for loop.

Example time-consuming function

I have created a time-consuming function to show how it works with different for loops.

Is for Each() wait for results?

Test using an asynchronous function.

From this example, we can clearly see forEach(), not giving the expected results and not waiting until the finishing of execution of the time-consuming function.

Q: How to write For Loop to wait for results?
a: using the for loop in an asynchronous function.

let’s see an example of how to do it

For loop gave the expected answer and waited until the finishing of execution of the time-consuming function.

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